Carl Eggers For TN State Representative

Independent, District 11

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    Tennessee deserves better health care for all of its citizens. By providing state provided health care regardless of income or employment, EGGERS CARE TN is a bill that supports real health care for real people. Because we've all seen what can happen when health care reform is undertaken, but the question of who pays for it is left open, EGGERS CARE TN answers that question in a practical manner.

    Taxes pay for health care, so you aren't taxed twice on something that you have to pay for anyway. When you add a payroll tax of 8% on employees, which is matched at 8% by employers, and the state becomes the single-payer for insurance, this may lead to surprising savings on health care. Self employed individuals, and workers working for out of state employers may opt in at 15%.

    All coverage is family coverage. So two workers with 8% taxes would pay for coverage for their whole family. A flat fee of $100 is required for those who are receiving unemployment benefits, but the coverage is free for those who are unemployed without benefits. Students will also receive benefits for free, whether or not they are living with their parents.

    Deductibles will depend greatly on how well the plan is managed. No drug test is required, due to the need to monitor the health of individuals with drug problems. The coverage is the same regardless of age or pre-existing conditions. This may mean that supplemental insurance would be required for some individuals. Private insurance companies will be the ones responsible for the provision of these services.

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