Carl Eggers For TN State Representative

Independent, District 11

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Your Choice for District 11 Representative

    I am running for TN State Representative in District 11 as an Independent. I am running as an Independent because people are more important than party politics. I am interested in working on a bipartisan level towards better schools, more job opportunities, better health care, and preserving our scenic mountains and rivers for future generations.

    I am a USAF veteran, and have been both a business owner and a manager in the Morristown area. I was in restaurant management for 30 years. I live in Talbott and own a historic building in Mohawk. I have lived in Del Rio, Newport, and have owned land in Cosby.

    I have 9 kids and 16 grandchildren. I understand family values, and value hard-working Americans who struggle to make ends meet. I will work for you to protect you and your hard-earned money from special interests.

Checks for amounts up to $100 may be sent directly to this candidate's campaign via his PO Box.
Address the envelope as follows: "Carl Eggers Campaign, PO Box 122, Mohawk, TN 37810".
Please include information such as name, employer, address, and phone number with contribution.