Carl Eggers For TN State Representative

Independent, District 11

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    They borrowed to give the super rich tax cuts, and now they want US to pay for it! Their planned cuts to OUR benefits are unacceptable. Social security, Medicare and Medicaid are called entitlements because we are entitled to them. Every paycheck I ever got, or any other working class individual ever got, has had money taken out of it for these programs.

Nobody Cuts Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!

    Has a single billionaire ever died fighting for the USA? We the American people have paid the price for freedom, and the super rich can afford to pay for our efforts. Corporate Communism is not free enterprise. When crooked politicians are bought and sold by big business, they work for the rich, and throw the people of this country in a ditch. The people of this country are now struggling. The middle class was all but destroyed by the economic crisis of 2008.

A Message of Independence

    I am sending a message to both political parties. It's time to defend America in America. It's time to stop poverty in the USA. It's time to work together and stop hate. As a large nation with many views, races and religions, our freedom should be protected. If love your neighbor is taken seriously, then it's time to put aside our differences and work for a better future for all Americans.

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