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Independent, District 11

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Where's Your Share?

You Deserve A Raise

    Social Security and military retirees have some protection against inflation, which is provided by yearly cost of living allowances (COLA). If it were not for COLA's, most retired Americans would live in poverty. It is time to extend this protection to the American workers.

    American workers who are still working are affected as much as retired workers by inflation, and sometimes more because their need vary greatly. As the American economy changes, more and more workers are finding it harder to just get by. While the income of the super rich are often increasing, the American workers are struggling. The 2008 crisis was dealt with poorly by the current political system, they bailed out the rich, and left the American working class in a ditch. For most Americans, their middle-class status was essentially destroyed.

    I know from experience that you could work a decade without a raise. Under the TN WORKERS COLA ACT and the AMERICAN WORKERS COLA ACT, TN workers would receive yearly pay increases in inflationary years based on the same percentage as social security COLA's. This would be a mandatory law on employers. Even though a few greedy employers may oppose this, the effect of the inflationary increases would be good for the economy. The only sustainable means of growth of the economy, require that workers spend the money they earn in a discretionary manner. Without discretionary income, this isn't possible, and the economy can only grow in a fragile way, which results in economic bubbles and subsequent bursts.

    TN WORKERS COLA ACT and the AMERICAN WORKERS COLA ACT will also protect the current Social Security and military COLA's. In addition the employers that seek to fire their current workers and hire new ones to avoid paying COLA's could be fined and/or sued. Repeat offenders could even lose their business license.

    Since I know what it's like to struggle through hard times, I feel as though these bills are overdue. The American worker needs protection, and the 2008 economic crisis was evidence for this. I am asking for your vote, and your help in getting these very important bills passed.

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